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Wajah Tum Ho

Critic's Rating - 2/5 Reader's Rating 1.75/5 Movie Review A tech virtuoso hacks into a TV channel possessed by Rahul Oberoi (Rajneish) and begins gushing a murder on it. Rahul - the prime suspect - is investigated by reviewer Kabir (Sharman) and safeguarded by his attorney, Siya (Sana). Siya's sweetheart Ranveer (Gurmeet) is contracted by the administration to indict Rahul. The plot thickens (by around an inch) when another suspect is murdered off on live TV. At first glance level, live murders on national TV took after by a manhunt sounds like a charming plot. In any case, minutes into the motion picture, interest offers approach to private scenes, wince commendable discourse and profoundly unsurprising turns. At a certain point in the second half, you understand that an entire piece from the principal half was superfluous; hacking is clarified in a powerpoint presentation; a few references are made to how a lady who lays down with her sweetheart ought not grumble about assault and the huge uncover toward the end is without rationale. Another fuss: the stunning English elocution of the considerable number of on-screen characters. A discourse mentor would have been a decent venture. Rajneish, who changes his name's spelling in each film, needs to understand that the change must be made somewhere else. Gurmeet parades his abs and very little else and Sharman, the main sound performing artist here, goes somewhat over-the-top with his articulation. Sana, a Bigg Boss alumna, is still play-representing 94 cameras as opposed to performing truly for one. Three of the four melodies are amusements of more established hits and fly up obediently when there's a respite in the screenplay. The foundation score declines to subside and goes with you all through the motion picture.